June 1, 2013

Dwight's Monthly Letter - JUN 2013

Pray as though it all depends on God, and work as though it all depends on you. I have heard that saying for years. Yet it was just lately that it hit me in a new and fresh way. I believe we all have a tendency to lean one way or the other: either pray and do very little, or do a lot and pray very little. I believe that it is not “either/or”, but “and”. The past few weeks we’ve been talking about prayer - circling dreams, fears, and God’s promises.

I believe for some of us, we need to pray hard. Truth be known, we haven’t really done this. We have prayed “for”, but not “through”. I believe praying hard can mean we get so desperate for God to move, we are willing to fast. What is a fast? It is giving up something (could be food, media, Facebook, TV, etc…) so that you can focus more on God and hearing His voice. Maybe that’s what it’s going to take for you to experience that breakthrough you so desperately need.

For others, it may be the other side of the equation. We have prayed hard, but we haven’t worked as though it depended on us. Maybe you need to do the hard work and have that conversation - with your spouse, child, boss, friend etc. Maybe you need to do the hard work of giving your resume a fresh look and recommit to setting up interviews or even learn a new skill. Maybe it is something else, but it will test your commitment. 

I believe with all my heart God hears and answers prayers. But we must realize we have a big part to play in God answering it. It’s just the way in which God chooses to work most of the time. Sometimes, it seems like God answers in a moment’s notice, and other times it seems like it takes forever. If we are not focused, it’s very easy to become disillusion with life and even God. For some, disillusioned to the point they choose to stop seeking God, the only One who ultimately can bring about what needs to happen.

So with that in mind, make a commitment. Commit not to be a person who prays, but to become a praying man or woman. Let’s not be a church that prays, but let’s become a praying church. 
It is an honor to be a co-labor with you in all that God is doing and wanting to do in and through NewPointe. Have a great and safe summer, but don’t play it safe with God, else you will settle for a less than great life. Love ya all!

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