LOVING GOD, LOVING PEOPLE September 19, 2017

Various places in the Old Testament and in the teaching of Jesus Christ as well, we are told the basic requirements for pleasing God. It boils down to a short phrase: Love God, Love People.Very simple, but far from easy.

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HURRICANE HONESTY September 12, 2017

Chances are most of us don’t have close friends named Harvey or Irma, but in the last weeks we have spoken those names as frequently as if they were our next-door neighbors. These two hurricanes have ravaged the islands below us, and brutally attacked the coasts and inlands of Texas and Florida.

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60-YEAR-OLD GRATITUDE September 8, 2017

In June 1944, under cover of darkness, brave young American G.I.s dropped into the air over Normandy, France. The 101stAirborne was part of the mission to liberate France from the firmly entrenched Nazi forces. It was one of the boldest, and would become one of the most storied, invasions in all of history.

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How many times have you thought about what you would do with a huge lottery check, if you actually bought a ticket and won? Have you patiently completed a Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes form, licked the stamp, and mailed it with crossed fingers and wishes for luck?

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Back-to-school September 5, 2017

It’s that time again. Back-to-school season is here. I remember the mixed emotions of that when I was there. It was always sad to see a fun-filled summer come to an end, but buying school supplies and reconnecting with friends at school was terrific.

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